Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Truman Show

Invictus babies attended their very first show this weekend. They put in a good showing for such young dogs and I'm very pleased with how everyone looked and are maturing.

Karma won her very first point! She also won best puppy two out of three days. Plus, when she was shown by her owner Adine in the all breed sweepstakes on Saturday she placed 3rd in her class of 9!

She has made quite a splash her first weekend out. She is such a pretty girl with a super stable temperament and I am so excited to see how she matures.

This is Rifka being a very serious puppy. Being at the dog show is not time for playing or being silly. That's girls for you. Halo was the same way 'We are here to work - no funny business.' Rifka and Karma have inherited Halo's need to treat everything they do with the gravity it deserves.

Rifka won best puppy her very first time in the ring and she has so much potential as Taryn's foundation bitch.

Well who knew Rory could move like this? Mr. Rory makes incredible side gait look like a walk at the park. I should know he can do this since ... well ... we've been for walks at the park!

This picture floors me. It's so uncanny how much Rory looks like Raimi at the same age. I think we have another Boy on our hands! He has the same show attitude as Raimi did too - he just has a good time and hopes for treats and hugs.

Our next show is in 3 weeks and I can't wait to see them all together again. They are so much fun to show because it's not that serious for puppies - as much as the girls like to it is - and it's always fun to hang out and talk dogs.

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