Saturday, July 5, 2008

That Darn Cat!

First off we have to congratulate Zero for his very first point in the USA! He won Winners Dog over about 6 or 7 adult dogs in California! Zero is just 6 months and 10 days old so this is a very good start! It is notoriously hard to win points in CA because the numbers required to get one point, much less a major, are very high. We will see what today brings ...

And a bit of a mish mash of photos of the cats and Raimi. Kenya is here to visit for a week so there will be pictures of that to come.

Ceilidh and Weasley are so cute together ... it's hysterical. Weasley weasles his way into everyone's heart and Ceilidh and Mallaig are no exception. He 'sneaks' up on Ceilidh when she's cozy and squirms in next to her. She used to bolt but now she likes to hug him and squeeze him and call him ... Weasley.

Mallaig is less inclined to play with Weasley but he still occasionally manages to convince her that playing with him is 9 parts wicked fun and only 1 part annoying. She does play with Ceilidh sometimes too but since I created the outdoor pen she spends most of her time out there.

Raimi and Weasley, I'm quite sure, play like maniacs during the day and seem to have developed quite a bond. You can see Raimi's ear while he gives little Weasley a razzberry.

After they are all played out they cuddle in together and have a power nap before play resumes. I have been leaving Raimi loose in the house during the day and I can't imagine what they get up to - well I can because the couch cushions are often in disarray when I get home.

Before Kenya arrived I was playing with Raimi and his sheep. He can be a little annoying when he's here alone because I'm the only one who plays with him besides Weasley. If we don't go for a walk he fidgets a lot and doesn't relent til we are getting the collar on and heading out the door. The sheep is one of his very favorite toys because it makes a bah-ing noise.

Kenya is a godsend this week because they will just play and play and play - which they are doing right now and while it means a lot of bouncing and wrestling in the livingroom ... at least Raimi is happily occupied instead of poking me in the face while I type.

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