Sunday, July 27, 2008


This weekend Shane has stayed with me while his mom and dad go to a wedding in Lethbridge. He is such a sweet and serious kinda guy. I can tell he doesn't hear raised voices much (I'm kind of a loud person) because whenever I'd raised my voice (like the time I couldn't get the mower started and was swearing at it) he looked mortified. Raimi is sort of used to it and ignores me unless he thinks it's directed at him ... even then he kind of ignores me anyway because he knows I am quick to forgive him.

Shane has one ear that is oddly cock-eyed. It sort of sticks up and flips forward a bit so it makes his head look crooked. He's got a beautiful head tho, a nice masculine Halo head with more bone and a more pronounced stop. And can he move or what? He is one of those effortless puppies who, like Halo, never moves like his body parts don't fit each other. He trots along in that ground covering gait and never seems to expend energy doing it. A true working gait.

He and Raimi blasted around at the park yesterday afternoon in ridiculous heat and then again today. Raimi had to show off how fast he was and while Shane never could catch him on a straight run he sure has his mother's knack for ambush and quick turns. There were a couple close calls and narrowly avoided collisions. They both especially enjoy the tall grass now at the park and delight in ga-boinging their way through it.

The cats are fascinating to Shane and while they don't much care about the dogs they sure know when they are being stalked. Weasley knows too but he encourages the game of chase and I caught Shane with a little too intense look on his face and told him to back off. Of course the cat knows no better and still insisted on teasing the heck out of him anyway.

Now they are both curled up fast asleep exhausted after their morning's romp, a half hour of avoiding the lawn mower and watching me weed. Such a hard life for a dogs.

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