Friday, July 25, 2008

Random Hearts

I feel a little lost without my camera. No new pics to update so we have to settle for old ones. Today is a bit random - it feels like a random week.

This is Raimi and his couch. It's a love seat and while I do love my boy I like sitting here too. I made him shift his arse and he normally curls up a bit more so I can plant my ass off to the right of him. We spend many an evening with me watching TV or a move or internetting and him in the sleep of the content.

But oh look ... there is still room for Weasley. Sometimes Raimi will get off the couch because he gets too hot or wants to stretch and Weasley hops up. Raimi stares at me til I move the 3 pound kitten.
This is from when Kenya visited a couple weeks ago - Raimi and her had a geat time wrestling with the sheep. They completely destroyed the pig toy - pink pieces of pig littered my floor.

Raimi's park face happens on Saturday and Sunday mornings if I am a bit too slow getting my butt to the park with him. Whenever we arrange to meet people it's usually for about 1pm which in Raimi's opinion is far too long to wait when we get up at 8am.

I relented and we met Rory at the park. I love to see the happy faces running and wearing themselves out. It means a relaxing afternoon for me at home.

Here's Kenya taking a breather. She is a very sweet girl and at the park she is never any trouble - she just wants to plod along and then go for the occassional romp.

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