Monday, December 12, 2011

Where the Heart Is

Obviously I realize I haven't posted in about 10 days and I apologize to anyone who was looking for updates. This will be my 1086th post since 2007, that's a lot of writing about dogs and the things I do with them. I've posted through the course of 3 litters so far and it's been interesting and fun. Initially I started the blog so that I could keep people who were getting a puppy from the litter up to date without having to send individual emails as the puppies grew, I found with my first litter I got frustrated with my lack of organization so the blog was a shotgun attempt that worked very well. It got a lot of people interested in the process of breeding, how hard it is, how heartbreaking it can be, how frustrating and how rewarding.

Part of me wants to keep the blog going out of some sense of duty to people who are looking for regular updates but at this time I can't promise anything like regularity. I will write when the mood strikes me, or when I have cool photos like the one below, or when something funny or interesting happens.

It's not that I don't have time, it's that my heart isn't in it. I adore the dogs and I love taking photos of them but I feel like I repeat myself a lot from previous posts and have had to censor a lot of late. I do realize on occasion I have said too much but even more often I feel I have not said enough - I'm usually a "tell it like it is" sort of person so to mute my opinions almost seems like a physical pain. In the past few months I've been disappointed by people and as a result have made some decisions about my future in dog breeding. I recently realized that what's most important to me about the dogs is demonstrated in the following photograph. They don't give a rat's ass about all the garbage that comes with dog breeding and showing - they have simple needs that are easy to fulfill. Right now, I want simple.

I'm not going to disband the blog altogether but I am going to post when I feel like I have something to show off or say. I haven't decided whether I will post about the next litter of puppies we might have, or major events - it will depend. So I don't know when my next post will be, could be tomorrow, could be Christmas or the New Year. I realize this will reduce readership but I need to write for me, I never was good at writing for others (too demanding), and so until the next post I've left you with some pretty pictures we took this past couple days. I'm particularly proud of this last one because the movement effect is as cool as the subjects.


lynn landis said...

I must admit I will miss the daily rant about Ridgebacks, I must admit they are an interesting breed that we share and it is nice to know I am not alone in their kookiness...the Leeloo and Binkie story was so bang on as Olivia demands I put blankets on her even though she is quite capable of going under my cover's when I am not there. Yes love to know I am not alone....just speak from the heart...I wouldn't want to see this blog any other way.

KS said...

Tamzin- I am just a little bit sadder every day without a post :) I am currently away from my RR, and I use the blog as a way to feel closer to my pooch. I encourage you to post whatever you want, whenever you want! After-all it is YOUR blog.
Everyone that blogs/writes and puts their opinions "out-there" takes more criticism than those that keep to themselves. Only accept criticism from those who also put themselves out there in the same manner with the same risks. That would be my advice. Otherwise- I look forward to more pics and posts.

Steven and Kimberly said...

We have been following your blog since Halo's litter from Christmas. It helped us understand our RR at the time, and even helped us when we had to say "goodbye" to him. Feel like we have gotten to know you through your words, adventures, stories, and pictures...even though we have never met. Thank you for posting so much about your life with RR as you know it...even if it was about the mundane things.