Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Shape of Things

If you are going to breed your bitch on back to back heats (but not three in a row because that seems excessive and possibly motivated by greed in my opinion) perhaps your bitch should look something like this:

You know, in excellent shape and well recovered from the last litter. It's almost as if she never had a litter 6 months ago except for the reminder from the annoying whining Baby Booble on my couch next to me.

Or maybe this one is a better example.

Or perhaps this one.  

Leeloo is not a puppy factory. She trusts me to make the right decisions about her life. That's right ... her LIFE. Because having babies is hard damn work and bitches can actually end up with complications and some do die in the process, particularly ones who may have have been overweight their whole lives. I am Leeloo's only advocate and I have to know when to say 'enough'. Sadly, in our material world, people make excuses for their actions at the expense of the only creatures on the planet who trust us without question. May I never be that person and more importantly, may I never put a puppy in that position again.

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