Saturday, December 17, 2011

Qui tacet consentire videtur (Silence Gives Consent)

Hard to imagine so soon after deciding that I'm going to my Happy Place with the blog that we have come to a rant. I am not sure how to start this blog, or whether I should even write it. My mom would say even questioning it is a good enough reason not to. She is likely right but when have I ever done the thing I ought against the will of my temperament?

Some schools of thought would have you believe that breeding a bitch requires you to give her a break between litters. Others say that as long as the bitch is healthy, sound and recovers well from the prior litters, you can breed her back to back with no ill effects and some even argue it is better for her and your chances of a successful litter might be greater.

I have done back to back breedings - Halo's first two litters were 9 months apart and used the same sire. She took her time recovering from her second litter of 12 (she was slightly overweight) so I gave her an extended break until her last litter when she was almost 5. I bred Leeloo when she was 2 1/2 and will breed her again right away - that is no secret. It will, however, differ from Halo as Leeloo will never be bred again (unless something happens to beautiful Cora). We will attempt an American Championship and then she will retire to do the things she loves; beat up Cora, snuggle with The Boy, look for squirrels and sleep on the couch under a binkie.

I don't have a problem breeding a bitch back to back as long as the motive is sound.Certainly Halo's second litter was created specifically to produce a dog like Zero and two foundation bitches for separate kennels. So mission accomplished with that back to back.

But what if, allegedly, there was a bitch you sold who allegedly might have been overweight her whole life and that might have allegedly been bred 3 times before she was 4?  No excuse fabricated can convince me the reasoning is sound if such an alleged breeding has taken place. So if there is a bitch out there, with my kennel name on her, and you hear she might have a third litter in a row then I have nothing to do with it. I have no say, cut off contact with the owner a long time ago, and I don't condone the alleged breeding of this alleged bitch with Invictus as her prefix.

I am sorry Light Wheaton Girl - I did you wrong. And that is not alleged ... that is fact.

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Ali P said...

Poor baby Wheaton Girl.
You are right to feel anger, T. xxxooo
I also think you should keep up the blog. I used to have one and and am now starting to thin k I am ready to write again after over a year's hiatus, but would start a new one for my "new" life back home (here).
Miss you bunches and am so glad you have found a better life outside of the center.