Saturday, December 24, 2011

All About Eve

Today is a special day for Invictus since it's the day my second litter of puppies was born and it's the day, two years later, that Esme was born. I guess there really is something about Christmas. I welcomed 12 beautiful puppies into the world and they have done nothing but light up the lives of the people who own them. Here's to the Christmas litter from 2007; may your holidays, and birthday, be bright.

And for little Esme, who is currently not speaking to me because I have spent the last 3 days grooming, bathing and trimming her, she is certainly not enjoying the 'special attention'. For her birth date anniversary I got a plush sheep for her to carry around and my apologies to the sheep who started out intending to be a toy for a child but got waylaid when I spotted it in storage at work. It really is a very cute sheep. Cora thought so too. Esme is in the photo, she's the black blob Cora's ear is resting on.

Once I started playing with Esme and the sheep Boy thought he'd like it too so for a while there the sheep almost became dismembered before it had a chance to get a look at its new surroundings. Boy has its head, Esme its middle and Cora has hold of its cute little bottom. In the end the sheep survived the melee and is now resting on the dog bed trying not to be noticed.

Leeloo thinks the fuss is not worth the effort and where is Tamzin with the damn binkie service already? She is surrounded by no fewer than four binkies, none of which are covering her as they ought to be. Once the sheep photography session was over she got her wish and service was restored.

Esme was triumphant in the end with her sheep and she can claim a start to her own little herd. I can say one thing for sure, herding this plush sheep will be a damn sight easier than herding Ridgebacks! 

When you are born so close to Christmas it's easy to just combine the two and give only one gift. I don't like to do that; however, through no fault of my own, I do only have the one gift for Esme. She is getting a new body suit which was special ordered and custom made ... in the middle of October. I have yet to see this Wonder Suit although I am assured by the company it was on its way last week. I had rather hoped to have this gift for Esme not only before Christmas, but before the first major snowfall of the season. Since it's Saturday, Christmas Eve and there is 5 inches of snow on the ground, I suppose I must give up on any miracles for this holiday season. Hopefully the sheep will be enough to satisfy the birthday girl although I am eager to get the new suit to keep sand and snow away from the hair of this busy little Puli.

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to the babies of Christmas Eve!

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