Monday, December 26, 2011

The Santa Clause

We are back from Christmas spent at my parent's house where the food was great, the gifts were awesome and there were some adorable Puli puppies to squee over. Perhaps next year, if all goes according to plan, I will be hosting the Christmas dinner ... must remember to take the batteries out of the smoke detector Christmas morning.

The weather obliged by sending us just enough snow to make it beautiful but not too much to make travel hazardous - I literally drove through a winter wonderland out to Malagash. Christmas Day dawned bright and early for the dogs whose alarm clocks are set for the same time everyday no matter where we are sleeping. I had them out briefly first thing to get the wiggles out and as usual they love visiting their 'grandparents'.

Cora in particular thought this was a thrilling adventure and enjoyed the thrill of deep snow for only the second time in her life. Isn't that the face of a little girl experiencing the wonder of her first Christmas?

Esme demonstrated a sincere need for her wayward body suit by attempting to pick up every snowflake on the property. Thankfully she didn't succeed.

Leeloo didn't much care that it was Christmas morning except that it might mean more food for her.

And Boy was incredibly patient while I took multiple photos of him in front of this tree heavy with snow. He sat patiently even though his boy parts got a little chilled.  

There was lots of playing, wrestling, running, and leaping like deer across the fields ... but not too much since in the afternoon we'd planned a tobogganing expedition and they needed to save their strength ... photos of that Christmas day activity in the next day or two!

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