Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Days Gone By

As you may have been able to tell the photos from yesterday were taken at the beach. It was just coming on sunset when the light, according to my eye, is the best. Especially if you have golden colored dogs and they are set against a backdrop as serene and peaceful as Caribou Island, Nova Scotia. Or a little black Puli who is finally stopping long enough on walks to pose.

It's not hard to find serenity here. Just drive for 10 minutes and you are exploring deserted beaches, listening to the gentle lap of the high tide and basking in the warm glow of some pretty happy canines. And their behinds. My favorite thing now is to look at Cora's tail and see the little shepherd's crook she inherited from Leeloo ... so cute.

Something was sure interesting to Leeloo in that one spot and long after Cora lost interest Leeloo insisted on staying on to investigate further. Also, it's important for Leeloo to win so to stay after everyone else has left is a minor victory to her ... Leeloo FTW!

Cora spent a lot of time looking for me to make sure I didn't desert her on this little spit of land. She's only been here a couple times before so she was not sure how much exploring was 'safe' to do.

This little piece of land is totally safe for the dogs. I can see them no matter where we are and the entire area is surrounded by water - something the dogs refuse to venture into even when it's 32 degrees Celsius. There are lots of interesting sniffs because several birds and animals make stops here and when it's not blowing a gale it is truly one of the best and safest places to walk them.

Those eyes agree. Even gangly, awkward, bum high and totally out of proportion, Cora is my image of an ideal Ridgeback bitch. I cannot express in words how much I adore this puppy. How could anyone deny those big soft baby browns? 

It's thirsty work looking beautiful and exploring the wilds of Nova Scotia. However, Leeloo and Cora quickly discover that the water here is not for drinking, much to their disappointment. Never mind, shortly thereafter we headed home to snuggle on the couch and dream of beaches gone by.

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Ali P said...

Its things like this that make me glad to be back home where we belong and make me long for a canine beaching companion. I love beaches in any season and just about any weather and am looking forward to my brother's black and tan Cocker, Allie, coming for her month long visit while her Mummy and Daddy head to Florida. Finally someone who won't hurry me on a beach walk and who gives me and excuse to indulge myself in them. I love your photos...maybe this year with Allie I will take some pictures and post them on FB for her mum and dad to see in Florida.