Friday, December 30, 2011

Babes in Toyland

When I went to my parent's house for Christmas I knew there would be Puli puppies there to squee over - they were 4 weeks old which made them the absolute most adorable age for puppies of any breed. This is because they are old enough to be past the boring 'sausage with legs' stage but too young to be destructive and annoying.

The difference with these Puli puppies is that they are not all black, two of them were born a sort of brushed bronze color which is the color their mother was when she was born although she has never produced this color in previous litters. I am most interested in this because these puppies are half-siblings to Esme who will one day produce little Puli babies of her own and maybe, if I wish hard enough, something this color.

It's interesting to see puppies of another breed after having your own litters because of the size difference. Puli puppies at 4 weeks are about the same size as Ridgeback puppies at about 2 weeks although Pulis do not possess the same dense bone and weight that Ridgebacks do so they are a lot lighter and more like wind up toys.

I think their color is just to die for - it makes them so much more interesting than just black. I often wonder what it would be like to have a breed that produces color patterns since Ridgebacks, although different shades of wheaton, are all still basic brown when they are born. Pulis are usually black so to have these little bronzed babies is fascinating. The wise little owl pattern on this puppy is just too adorable for words.

This little group was a cheerful lot who wagged their tails, played happily with each other and gave little puppy kisses with no hesitation. They can't see very well so everything is interesting ... even fingers.

The two 'black' puppies weren't even really all black because they had brown hair under their tails and on the front of their legs although they will likely be black as adults. Even the bronze puppies will likely just get darker and darker until they are a  faded black as is their mother.

That little brown bottom is far too cute to be legal. She was busy digging up the towel from the corner so she could wrestle with it. They were a busy bunch!

That nose certainly invites kisses and I was happy to oblige!

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