Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rocky II

After my last post I heard from several people about how much they enjoy what I write and I am touched they would take the time to express such sentiments. The overwhelming theme of their comments has also been that I should just write for me and write from the heart. I don't know any other way to do it. I don't answer to anyone for what I put on the blog because it is essentially just my opinions. So what I've decided to do is simply write whatever I want and whenever I want. I have found myself the past couple days thinking 'That would be good for the blog' which means that I obviously still want to express myself via this medium.

Something else stuck in my brain ... there has been a lot of talk of late over the precarious position of purebred dogs in society now. I do understand the outrage over some of the actions of the Canadian Kennel Club and various bylaws, laws and politicking that is going on regarding purebreds vs crossbreds vs animal activists vs animal welfare and I'd love to lambaste various groups along side my fellow purebred dog lovers but ... I'm just not that kind of writer.

I think commentaries done on those issues are best left to people more eloquent in expressing the outrage that I feel but cannot articulate. One blog called Knobnotes said it best - the blog's author Suzi, whom I have known since I was too young to show a dog but just old enough to get lost at a dog show, writes it best about the danger purebred dogs are in. I have opinions along the same lines but my style of writing is not the same as Suzi's editorial expression which is why I'm thinking of writing a fiction novel ... not magazine articles or as a journalist. One particular point she made struck a chord with me though - that there aren't many purebred dog blogs out there compared to general or 'pet' or 'rescue' blogs.

So this is my contribution to the fight to save purebred dogs from extinction. To write about how great they are, why you should own one, and what it's like to deal with a relatively sane purebred dog breeder. I like to think I err on the side of mostly sensible when it comes to my dogs and trust me when I say I have known and hated some of the crazies that Joe Public thinks is the majority. We are not all obsessive, fanatical, control freak, sociopaths ... I promise.

I like to think I give my dogs a normal 'pet dog' life which is interspersed with a dog show now and then and the occasional litter of puppies to keep things interesting. I do normal stuff with them like go for walks, sing to them, let them sleep on the couch, give them treats and yes, take Christmas photos with them. That's baby Cora on the left, then Esme, then Boy and Leeloo. Aren't they beautiful? What will Santa bring them ...?

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