Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Wrestler

Yesterday was the final day of the big Canadian Ridgeback Specialty weekend. Seven shows in 4 days and what a rollercoaster ride that was. Friday morning was depressing and Zero wasn't even a blip on the radar of his class. Friday afternoon saw him go all the way to his first 5 point win. Then on Saturday the Reserve win at the national Specialty was a spark of hope but there was no fire and no points - just pretty ribbons and prizes (loot!). Saturday afternoon was a total wash with a cursory class placement. Sunday morning was hardly anything to write home about. Then, it happened, Sunday afternoon a 5 point win at the BC Specialty to put him on 10 points!

This meant that unless Zero won on Monday he'd be stuck at those 10 points until he could return to Canada and get his third and final win to finish. Could he do it? Did he do it?

Team Zero is in the HOUSE!  Zero is now a Canadian Champion with Best of Winners at the all breed show. He is Halo's fifth and final Canadian Champion and is titled in the country of his birth. Way to go Zero!

I am also hearing really great things about Juliet, Zero's handler. Her radiant smile and grace under pressure were remarkable. She took some losses this weekend and instead of moping and storming, she smiled and continued to show Zero to perfection. I cannot tell you how great it is to hear second hand good things about the person taking care of a dog that has your name attached to it. I have heard pretty awful things about some professional handlers so to get nothing but glowing praise about Juliet is awesome!

Huge thank you to Erin as well for agreeing to send Zero to Canada. I know I filled out the entries right(because I triple and quadruple checked them), they cashed my cheque, and he's officially a Canadian Champion! That's two Champions in less than a month ... so far it's been quite a year for Invictus and it's only April!

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