Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Today was the day, 7 years ago, that a star was born. Never one to demand attention, steady and reliable and trying very hard to always do the right thing, Halo (Can/Am Ch. Aegis Halo ROM) is the bedrock of everything I build my reputation upon. She came to me as a 9 week old puppy, my very first Ridgeback and my introduction to this one of a kind breed. It's so hard to believe they all start out this small. The girl with the lucky #7 on her chest definitely lived up to expectations and far exceeded them.

She grew up in Calgary with me and my boyfriend for the first year of her life, made many friends and learned the dog parks and walking paths of the south part of the city. Her favorite perch the chair by the bay window to watch the world go by. Look at those ears!

When I struck out to live by myself she obviously came with me and Petal and we learned what life was like on our own terms. She came with me quite often to my parent's house north of the city where she ran through the fields, thought about chasing horses and grew a little more each day.  

Eventually she finished her US and Canadian Championships but the show ring was not where Halo excelled. It was making outstanding babies. Not that Halo liked being a mom, I think she almost despised it, but the results of her efforts are undeniable. (This is Halo and Archer at 6 weeks)

Halo is a funny duck. She is manipulative and generous, soft and hard, strong and weak. She is whatever you to want her to be - or rather, she tries very hard to be what you want but her Boss Bitch nature sometimes gets the better of her! Don't be fooled by the penitent Halo ... there is a real bee-yotch hiding under there!

I made the unpopular decision to place Halo in 'retirement' home after I moved to Nova Scotia. She needed something I could not give her, somewhere that she wasn't competing with young dogs for attention and relegated to wallflower status. She deserved better than me. Serendipity took over and the perfect home contacted me when I hadn't even finished formulating the thought. She wanted a dog just like Halo. And just like that Halo was reborn as Haley, moved to Quebec and lives a life most dogs, and people, would take in a heartbeat. There she walks with new mommy Pia, eats horse poop to her heart's content, travels to horse shows all summer, bathes in sunlight and lives the life she deserves. Happy birthday Momma Halo, you are everything and more.

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