Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Film At 11

I was thinking the other day about names for dogs. I have a list of movies I plan to use on puppies as registered names - as I think of a movie I like I add it to the spreadsheet so that when I actually have a litter on the ground I'm not trying to spark genius with a sleep deprived brain. I usually like to name dogs in relation to the the movie they are named after ... it's just a thing I do.

Halo is actually not named after a movie, she was named after the video game HALO: Combat Evolved. Man, I love that video game. My boyfriend and I spent countless hours in 2003 fighting the campaign (and not the 'easy for girls' skill level either) and I decided that I wanted to name my first Ridgeback Halo. The name theme was what I always wanted though and I began her first litter with movies that start with the letter A.

Raimi is Army of Darkness and although I was tempted to name him Ash I decided not to because I like two syllable names for dogs. I did not see a future in which he would largely be referred to as Boy.  I chose Raimi because Sam Raimi directed Army of Darkness - he also had a hand in such movies as Spiderman ... you might have heard of that one too.

My second litter went out of alphabetical order because they were born on Christmas Eve and they all got Christmas movie names. I spent many an hour wracking my brain thinking of holiday movies that people would like. Zero is named after the ghost dog in Nightmare Before Christmas - I'd actually initially rejected this name because I didn't think anyone would want to name their dog that - trust Erin to be all "Can I name him Nightmare Before Christmas??" Have at 'er!

Leeloo is obviously from The Fifth Element. She is not of my breeding but I got to name her so I chose one of my very favorite movies - it's quirky, fun, has a mind of its own, is full of surprises, the main character is perfect and beautiful and what better name that that for my pretty girl? I see lots of different spellings of Leeloo but the only one that is correct is the way it's spelt in the script and I made sure I had it right. Details like that are important to me - I have spent my life correcting the spelling of my name - if it's not spelt right it's not my name. Same applies to Leeloo.

Archer's name is straight from the movie Blood Diamond. The character played by Leo Dicaprio is named Archer, he is an ex-pat Zimbabwein and refers to his true homeland as Rhodesia. Fitting right? There is even a Ridgeback in the movie although very briefly. It is an amazing movie about African diamond trade and smuggling and although you tend not to like Archer very much through most of the movie, he redeems himself in the end. If you haven't seen it ... do.

Esme's call name is actually not from any movie although there is a movie called Everything is Illuminated. It was too long as a registered name so I had to shorten it. It suits her very well since the room lights up when she is in it - whether you want it to or not! She can be crazy annoying and a little monster but it is what makes her Esme. I hope to find agility classes to take her to next winter, I think she'd get a total kick out of that!

And so the name ideas for the next generation, should we be lucky enough to produce one, will be saddled with all kinds of movies starting with the letter 'C'. Coraline, Catch and Release, Catch Me If You Can, Crazy Heart, Clueless, City of Angels, Courage Under Fire ... the list grows and grows. Army of Darkness and The Fifth Element will soon have their chance to stamp their filmographies all over the next generation. Critics will have a heyday!

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