Friday, April 8, 2011

Special Z

Enough about boring Leeloo and her heat. Only time will see this event escalate. On to more things that we crazy dog people do to make ourselves insane.

This weekend is the Ridgeback National Specialty in Canada. It's a show where the only breed entered is Ridgebacks and they compete for top honors against the best in the breed across the country. The event this year is taking place in Chilliwack, BC in conjunction with several other shows and there are about 100 Ridgebacks entered. I think that is the largest entry in the short history of Ridgeback Specialties in this country.

So the point is that Zero is entered. He is back in the classes again because he is not a Canadian Champion - he will be entered in Open and competing against other dogs who are not Canadian Champions yet either. He may be an American Champion, which is great, but since he was born in Canada I had rather hoped he'd get the title of his 'homeland'.  Erin and I discussed him coming up here and I said that if she sent him up I would pay for the show entries since this is 'my' country.  I also arranged to have an ad placed in the Canadian dog magazine Canine Review and it looks lovely - it is compliments of the folks over at The Ridgeback Register who designed the ad.

Annyway, there are seven shows and seven chances for him to finish his Championship. I am really hoping he does as that will give Halo her 5th and final Canadian Champion. I know Erin and Juliet, who is showing him, are gunning for more than just Best of Winners but since these are dog shows there is absolutely no way to predict what will happen. Especially with foreign judges! There are a lot of really nice dogs over on the west coast and every day will be different!

Hugs to both Zero and Juliet for a good showing this weekend ... hope to have updates as the weekend progresses.

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