Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Littlest Hobo

Today we headed out to Malagash to my parent's house to enjoy a turkey dinner and pick up Esme who has for the past week been holed up there while Leeloo was in heat. Our friend Donna came up with me to spend the day as well since there is a litter of 7 Puli puppies and they are always fun to play with. Esme was over the moon to see me but the Ridgebacks were her main focus of the day. That and running as much as possible. (I must apologize in advance for the quality of the photos - I forgot to change the setting on the camera so they are a little all over the map in exposure and composition)

Leeloo thought Esme's reappearance was extremely handy since she also had a lot of steam to burn off. And fat. So why not kill two birds right? They took about 5 or 6 turns around this gazebo until Leeloo figured out that if she stopped Esme would come around to her. Fortunately Esme has the ability to turn on a dime and avoid getting trounced by a Leeloo.

Boy cut himself yesterday on our walk in the woods so he didn't feel much up to racing around like a maniac. He pretty well kept to a steady trot and ate deer poop.

And rolled. He loooooooves the grass so he went down a couple times to roll around. Leeloo thought he was inviting play and in a way he was ... she's pretty spry for a chubby Bubbalicious. 

Esme ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ... well ... it's pretty well all she did. That and tackle Leeloo.

She's on the other side of Leeloo 'tackling' her. She didn't actually take Leeloo down, Leeloo was already down in a silly roll but when Esme ran up to trounce on her she tried to get up quickly and this was the graceful result. You are all class Leeloo. If she has puppies consider this fair warning to their various owners ... don't expect ballerinas.

And NOW she gets tackled for good and for real. However, the only way this ever happens is if Leeloo is already on the ground, otherwise Esme spends all her time leaping at throats.

Boy ended up needing first aid when we got in since his brief gallops opened the cut on his foot and he needed some vetting. Fortunately I have the handy dandy dog first aid kit in my truck so a little vet wrap later and voila ... all better. Well, if not better then at least covered and clean. Until next time ...

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