Thursday, April 14, 2011

Big Momma's House

Since the weekend excitement has died down it's time to revisit the House of Leelooooooooove. Esme has been vacationed to my parent's for a week while the two virgins work out how to make things happen. Esme was getting more and more snotty with Leeloo the further into her heat Leeloo got, I think Esme took it as a personal affront that Leeloo even dare come into heat while Esme is still alive. Anyway, to keep the turmoil at a bare minimum(which is hard when you have two lusty large dogs in the house) Esme is away and Leeloo is quite close to being bred.

It's a funny thing, Leeloo is begging Raimi to give her what she wants and he's all "Hold the phone". He's been through a few heats with her and is very reliable about knowing when the timing is right - it's the only thing he's smart about. She is unconvinced and if she could rape his bones she would. Soon though Raimi will be saying "Yo She-Bitch - let's go!"

So now, unless they are playing "getting to know you," they are seperated to heighten the mood when they have actual contact. It's pretty cute, Raimi sucks on Leeloo's ears, pokes her shoulder and sides, licks her and dances around. Leeloo, for her part, shoves her bottom in his face every chance she gets. It's the waltz of dog lust and it's darn cute. Right now they are playing at the act, when actual breeding is going to take place there is no playing about it. Down to business is the name of the game. Good times.

As they 'play' Raimi has a habit of looking over at me like "Is this okay Mommy?" whereas Leeloo couldn't care less if I was  in the room or not ... she is on a a mission. I can see why people think the dogs are in love or are playing husband and wife or whatever but if we take a reality check what is actually happening is a hormonal tidal wave they can't control. And that tidal wave is crashing all over my furniture while they flirt ... my poor couch.

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