Sunday, April 24, 2011

Leap of Faith

Halo, as we all recall, just turned 7. Seven is considered  a senior or 'veteran' in dog years. However no one told Halo she was a veteran and she certainly doesn't look it. Her brother Riley in Oregon doesn't know he's a veteran either since he just completed his AKC Grand Championship - continuing the Aegis tradition of excellence.

Halo, also known as Haley by her local peeps, is staying active and living large in Quebec. The barn her owner Pia works at is Eastwood Stables and they hold horse shows in the summer. But in the winter, when the season is at an ebb, horse people find interesting ways to amuse themselves and stave off cabin fever. (Photo credit to Kinuyo Matsushito)  

This is Halo with Mike Lawrence of Eastwood Stables taking her through her paces. Pia subbed in Mike as Halo's 'rider' and I think they make a very good team. Halo has that Very Serious Business look on her face that is so familiar. "You want me to do this? Then we do it RIGHT."

I think Mike could use a little extra practice but he has good clearance and isn't drifting too badly. However if I could offer some advice to a learned horseman (as I recall from Pony Club years); look where you're going, not at the jump or the horse(dog). Halo is looking for the next obstacle ... such a good girl and clearly entering this endeavour with all the gravity it deserves.

Such form, such style! Her sound structure serves her well in every life stage. She is in fantastic shape, is obviously in an amazing home, I hear nothing but praise for her temperament, how easy she is to live with, how great she is with people and the (often very expensive) horses, other people's dogs, various goats, donkeys, pigs, cats and critters that attend horse shows and live in horse barns. There will never be another Halo and I am hoping that although she is 7 and a veteran now, she has at least another 7 years to go. Keep up this level of care and conditioning and it's not such a stretch to believe.

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Michelle said...

anyone who knows anything about horses could comment Halo really tighten up her front going over the jumps....awesome form......Michelle