Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sex and the City

You know what they say about men and sex ... let them have it once and they want it all the time. Such is the case with Boy who is so completely love sick he doesn't sleep, barely remembers to eat, and can do nothing except whine at the French door for his one true love. His pleading eyes gaze in desperation at me and then Leeloo, then me again. I was woken almost every hour last night with his whining, barking and general carrying on. My house isn't big enough to put him somewhere I can't hear him so we make do with closed doors and ear plugs. My mom said she'd have put him in the shed ... she's kidding (maybe). If I put him somewhere he can't see Leeloo at all the whining and cage rattling is worse so I let him gaze at her from across the room.

Leeloo, for her part, wants nothing to do with Boy. She probably wishes he was dead, or at least in the next county over. She clearly feels singularly violated from his attention yesterday and certainly is making no flirtatious advances today. Poor gal. She spends her time sleeping on the couch and thinking about when we can next go for a walk. I'm fairly sure she resents the whole world right now but maybe the dog cookies I brought back from the Pictou show this weekend will mollify her. Here's a photo of a happier time when Leeloo didn't know what Boy was capable of and Boy didn't either.

The good news today is that a breeding was accomplished far more easily, quickly and with slightly less screaming. Boy was on her in a trice and after just one slight misalignment he managed to get a tie very fast. Leeloo screamed which we now know means that Boy's right where he should be and once they were settled into a tie she was a little more cooperative. Her problem is she gets bored and annoyed so she starts to squirm and try to sit. She is basically being as uncooperative as possible and succeeding marvelously. Another photo from a happier time when Leeloo thought being in heat was extra fun and flirting was harmless. 

Dog gestation is just 9 weeks and I should know in 5 or 6 weeks if she is definitely in whelp. Leeloo is currently carrying a couple extra 'Mommy Fat' pounds so it might be a little harder for me to tell! I like to think I was preparing her for a potential litter because of Halo being unable to keep weight on for her last litter. This is what I tell myself but we all know I just let Leeloo get a little soft around the edges - she's not fat, she's just fluffy. Maybe soon instead I can say she's not fat, she's got puppies!

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