Saturday, February 5, 2011

Storm Warning

We are settled in once again for what is I think our 5th or 6th snow storm warning this year. It's been quite a first 5 weeks of the year with a good blast from Old Man Winter every week. Now, I'm not really complaining since I don't allow the snow to dictate my daily plans - sure, it meant I got to go home early last Wednesday but other than that I just carry on as usual, sweep off the truck, put 'er in 4x4 and away I go. With the roads clear on a glorious 'calm before the storm' type of day, we headed out to Caribou Park which is a Parks Canada area used quite a bit in the summer by picnickers and campers. Now though, its pristine, silent and under about 2 feet of snow.

Snowmobilers had packed it down a bit but even so it left the dogs floundering. Leeloo soldiered on ... brave girl that one.

Esme knew stepping off the trail would mean being over her head in snow so she often stood not so patiently on the path waiting for the Ridgebacks to return.

The Ridgebacks, for their part, wondered if perhaps the squirrels of this park wanted to play. They heard naughty squirrel chattering but since the noise was coming from the other side of some particularly deep drifts they let the opportunity pass. Raimi was mid-pee when he stopped to listen ... isn't he cute?

Leeloo makes her own path in the snow, just as in life. The ocean beyond has about one kilimetre of ice floes on it which is all broken up and very dangerous to walk on so we didn't go past that line of bushes.

A little Ridgeback play to keep things real. There are eight off the ground in this one and pretty high too considering the depth of the snow!

I'll post more of our adventures tomorrow but for I'll leave you with these little guys, you'll have to click the photo to get a better look at them. They are the first live seals I've seen since I moved here, there was the unfortunate incident of the decapitated one from last spring but these ones were lucky enough to have their heads still. There are two facing each other on the ice floes and between them is a small expanse of water where I could see the occasional seal head, presumably attached to a seal body, pop up for a moment and then back down again. It was neat to watch them and fortunately they were too far away for the dogs to spot. One step in the water would change a Ridgeback's mind about pursuit by why take the chance right? Anyway, apparently these guys are  hanging out along this shoreline fresh from birthing their babies on that island in the background, that's Pictou Island and is their annual maternity ward. Cool beans huh? For this prairie girl it sure is.

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