Friday, February 11, 2011

New York Minute

This is it. The day before the day before. I leave for New York in just under 24 hours and was awake at some totally unacceptable hour to try and get my brain/body prepared for the 1am wake up tonight so we can be at the airport at 4am to get onto a JFK bound plane at 6am. Yes, this is international travel at it's very best. Thank doG we are not taking a dog because we'd have to be at the airport even earlier.

The weather looks like it will be cooperating with mainly clear skies and hovering around zero degrees - perfect flying conditions. In New York they are predicting almost now snow and about 5 or 6 degrees Celsius which will make wandering the city a little more pleasant. Of course, if New York is anything like here we just have a wait a couple hours and it will change.

The dogs are in for a bit of a shock. There is *no where* for them to run at my parent's acreage because of about 6 feet of snow drifts built up around the house. It's insane. The only place they can run is down the drive-way and my Dad will have strict instructions to not allow that to happen because the driveway leads to a well travelled highway. They will just have to make do with the treats I get them!

Zero arrives in New York with Erin on Sunday morning and then on Monday at about 2pm Eastern he will get his chance to shine. The entry is huge, the dogs are coming from all over the continent and the judge is foreign; it really is anybody's game. I keep telling myself that it doesn't matter how Zero does because I just want him to look good, show well and enjoy himself but I am obviously going to be cheering him on like crazy and hope he gets noticed. I am not allowing myself to worry about what he might win because it can become all consuming and I won't enjoy myself. I'll let his owner/handler do all the worrying for me! Have fun with that Erin!

I'm not sure how much I can post about the trip on the blog. The hotel has internet access and I'm taking my laptop but you never know how glitchy things can get. I hope to be able to update as much as possible so keep a weather eye open for exciting news from the Big Apple.


B said...

We just saw Zero in the Hound Group. We guess that means he won best in his breed!! He looked great!
Hope you are having fun.

Carolyne & Bill

RiderWriter said...

Tamzin, I'm SOOOOOOOO excited for you!! I was not able to watch the action last night on TV, but when I checked today I saw Zero won BEST OF BREED! That is FANTASTIC! You must be so incredibly proud of your boy. Sure wish I could have seen him go in the Group. I looked for you ringside in the Breed video but wasn't sure which redhead was you... blue jacket and pony tail? :-) You must be so glad you were there. Have fun in NYC!