Monday, February 7, 2011

Generation X

Yesterday the very first second-generation Invictus Champion was created. Zuri lives in Alberta with Renee and Tom and a passle of Rottweilers and she is a ray of beautiful sunshine let me tell you. She reminds me so much of her dam Karma but some of Karma's traits are tempered with her sire Argos' genes - the best of both dogs combined to create a totally dreamy little light wheaton bitch. I knew that breeding would turn out some pretty impressive puppies ... I'm glad I thought of it! I have photos of Zuri but they won't load into Blogger so hopefully I can get the systems to 'talk' to each other at some point.

You might remember from early last November when Zuri, at her very first show, won not only Best of Breed but also a second in the Hound group at just barely 6 months old. It was a spectacular start but didn't end there ... she completed that weekend with 9 points and has been just waiting for her chance to get that final point and finish the job. Of course the trouble with finishing a senior puppy is ... now what? Perhaps an AKC Championship is in the cards ....

So my sincerest congratulations to Renee and Tom on their hard work and dedication to Zuri, she is one pretty girl and you are destined to have lots more fun with her!

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