Sunday, February 20, 2011

New York, I Love You

I do apologize for the lack of posts, I caught a cold/infection while in New York and between trying to catch up on lost sleep and nursing a sore throat I have not had much impetus to blog. Plus, leaving Zero's brags up a few extra days can't hurt!

Back to reality means I am once again blogging about my own hooligans here at home. The snow has been relentless which means we are constantly slogging our way through fresh snowfall. Today was such a day. After all the attention that has been heavily weighted to Zero of late, perhaps we should take a moment to remember the Little People who never once thought he would do anything *but* win.

His brother, Raimi, who's adoring gaze I missed so much for 4 whole days - we have been making up for lost time and having a good cuddle in the mornings. I want to just kiss that snow off his nose, what a sweet Boy! He says "Hooray Zero! But you still love me the most right Mommy?"

Leeloo is most curious about this Zero fellow. Is he handsome? Is he rich? Can I have his children? All in good time Leeloo. Nice ears by the way, do they come with a nun's habit? Best not let Zero see those ears - he might make assumptions.

And Esme. She says if Zero is a Ridgeback who will let her be Queen of the Castle and gnaw on his hocks then she will cheer until she is hoarse. Who are we kidding though? Any excuse for this dog to make noise!

And there you have it. Everyone still alive and well, including me although I would swear there is something happening in the back of my throat that I dare not investigate further. Who knows what's setting up camp back there!

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