Monday, February 21, 2011

Mad Men

If you are on my list to get a puppy from Leeloo's potential litter I just want you to prepare yourself for what you are about to see. Don't judge her on a singular moment in time. I mean, you wouldn't want someone judging you based on the time you were drunk and someone dared you to ride the mechanical bull. It's unfortunate that all the other times you looked your very best are forgotten when that one embarrassing and totally humiliating photo was posted online for all to see. Such is the case with Leeloo. I won't lie, a Leeloo puppy is going to be a bit ...well, weird, but that is why we love our Leeloo. It makes her unique, lovable and irreplacable. Maybe the puppy will have completely mad snow catching skills and you will then be able to look at this photo and say with pride "That's my dog's Mommy." For now though ... make of her what you will.  Crazy, committed, and all Leeloo all the time.

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