Sunday, February 6, 2011

Postcards from the Edge

Because of where the park is located on the coast of Nova Scotia there is a cliff that lets you look out over the ocean across to Pictou Island and Prince Edward Island. Protecting the general populace from this "Actively Eroding Cliff" is a veritable Berlin Wall of fences. As you can see Leeloo made short work of it in impressive Leeloo Style.

Raimi soon followed using this tried and tested technique ... we all must fly our own way you know. Who am I to judge? On his way back he used the more elegant up and over method which I did not catch on camera but is far more becoming a dog his size.

Intimidating barrier defeated, he and Leeloo took a moment to gaze out across the shining, ice packed sea. Somehow they knew the snow drift was not safe to walk out onto - the cliff ended before the edge of the drift and I was wondering if they'd topple over. Not so, careful Leeloo tests with toes ... so darling.

Once the location of the edge was established over they went. My heart stopped for a moment but they were well ahead of me as far as knowing what they could handle. Apparently a 55 degree gradient is no big deal.

For Esme the hill proved a bit too intimidating so she satisfied herself with whining and barking her concern at the Ridgebacks from on high. She doesn't like it when they go where she cannot herd them back to safety.

Once at the bottom Leeloo found some very interesting smells but they actually spent very little time down there. I think the great expanse of the ice floes and not being able to clearly see me had them a little on edge. I don't want them to worry too much but I do like them to stay frosty and pay attention in case the tide turns. And it does ... without fail.

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