Friday, November 5, 2010

Play For Me

It's cute to see Leeloo and Esme playing. Leeloo does this crazy 'bulldoze' move where she plows with her head down toward Esme, shoves her nose under her and grabs at Esme's legs. Esme rears up and grabs at Leeloo's ears and head and then Esme collapses onto her back and smacks Leeloo in the face with her feet. Adorable if you know what's happening - scary if all you are seeing is a large dog 'beating up' a small dog.

Leeloo favorite move, besides The Bulldoze, is The Hug. This involves Esme being pinned between Leeloo's head and her grabby paws. Esme usually has to back through Leeloo's legs to get out of this one. It's safe to say that Esme is at a disadvantage in these scuffles but she never gives up, she just keeps going back for more.

Leeloo uses her front feet for a lot of her play moves. They are also used to smack Raimi on the head, scrape my down duvet into a ball, break my silver necklace chain, and bang on the back door to remind me I'm not getting her dinner ready fast enough.

It does a body good to see the dogs enoying each other's company so much. I have been very lucky with my house full of dogs, everyone has always gotten along and although there are minor tiffs they are quickly resolved and I have never worried about dog fights. This is a blessing which is hard to express but anyone who has ever lived with dogs that do not get along can attest to the turmoil it causes in a house.

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