Monday, November 15, 2010

Bedtime Stories

Quick post tonight, I must get to bed because The Poisonwood Bible is waiting for me and athough I have read it before I am anxious to relive the journey. Plus Raimi is snoring pointedly on the couch and smothering Leeloo with his Boy love.

I forgot to mention, in case you don't read the Twitter Tweets to the left there, that Raimi's health testing came back fine and I am going to get Leeloo done in about 3 weeks when she is smack dab between heats. Probably an unnecessary precaution but why take chances? Then we wait for her results, which I am not worried about and then we wait again for her to come into heat and then we wait again to see if she is pregnant and then we wait again to see what she has. Wait wait wait.

And prepare yourselves ... I recently got word that Zero, who by now I am sure everyone is just sick to death of hearing about, is the #4 RR in the US having defeated over 500 dogs to get to that ranking. What is significant is that his #4 spot ensures him an invitation to Westminster Kennel Club show in February. If you haven't seen Westminster you almost certainly have heard about it. Every year, for decades now, they have televised this show on USA channel - any Champion dog can enter but invitations are limited. To have a dog be *invited* to Westminster is something I will admit, I have never even considered because your dog has to be top 5 in their breed standings. Living in Canada makes that a difficult task unless you co-own him with one of the most dedicated Ridgeback breeders on the planet. So there may be a trip to New York in February if he is entered (no pressure Erin). Certainly my bank account won't like it but to pass up the opportunity to watch a dog I bred be shown at WKC is unthinkable so if Zero can go, I am going. Westminster is the pinnacle of purebred dog showing in North America and make no mistake, to be invited to attend is an incredible achievement only made possible by Erin at Aegis - his Mommy - and Juliet - his Handler Mommy. You guys are the greatest and there is just no way I could ever thank you enough.

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