Saturday, November 20, 2010

Into the Wild

Finally managed to convince my camera that it does really want to let me put my photos onto the computer. After all that fight with the USB cable I realized that I can just take the memory card out and put it directly into the computer. Well ... duh. I think the camera has been dragged out into the rain one too many times and the connection is a little fried. Poor thing.

A few days ago we were not in a winter wonderland(as presents itself outside my front door today). It was misty and rather warm, pushing almost 10 degrees above zero and made it hard to drag myself back home to get ready for work. Especially when the dogs were clearly having a wonderful time looking for That Darn Squirrel. Leeloo in particular made note of previous squirrel locations and made sure to check them all. 

This is the tree it eventually ran to the other day and that has made it Ground Zero for inspection for every walk since. Esme thinks Leeloo is just exploring and doesn't realize this is Serious Business and usually just snorts around the base of the tree looking for deer poop. But I mean really, if you were a Squirrel wouldn't you want to live in this tangle of trunks and branches? It's a veritable penthouse suite of comfort.

Raimi, for all his good looks and sweet personality, is not exactly reliable on his squirrel hunts and it still hasn't occurred to him that the squirrel will almost always be up. Leeloo knows this, but Boy generally gazes into the distance to look for woodland critters, the only time he looks up is if something actually catches his eye or if the squirrel chatters at him.

But we can't spend all day craning our necks at the sky and all the treasures hidden there, eventually we must move on. Sometimes I have to continue walking up the path and call repeatedly to encourage them to follow; however, I am never ahead for long ...

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