Monday, November 22, 2010


Yesterday we met up with Archer for a romp in the woods. He was sporting the brand new winter coat his Mommy bought to keep him snug and warm. Once he was kitted out it was down to business right away for Leeloo when she realized who it was. Leeloo is 'play hard pay later' kind of girl and demure introductions aren't her style. After a few moments of concerned back pedalling Archer threw himself into play with his usual glee. Esme did her level best to keep up, emitting frustrated barks when the big dogs got too far away!

Archer did manage to stop for a millisecond to pose for me but that was pretty much as long as he stood still. Then is was off to do more damage in the woods.

Leeloo took a breather and found a very convenient branch to gnaw on for a moment. I'm not precisely sure what possessed her but the effect was pretty cute.

Archer tends to be a little more careful in playing with Boy since Boy is a boy and out weighs Archer by almost 40 pounds. Of course, once in a while we all lose our heads in the heat of the moment. This photo was quickly followed by some roaring from Raimi and then some more roaring from me which halted all of the previous roaring and turned it into profound apologies by everyone to everyone. Except me obviously, apologies don't roll downhill. 

I'll leave things for today with an interesting photo caught by accident, likely my forefinger experienced a brief moment of panic as Naughty Leeloo rose up toward my face in an attempt to grab the stick I was holding. Good Archer, four on the floor! See you soon Little Buddy!

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