Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Emperor's New Groove

As I mentioned in a previous post I had ordered a full body suit for Esme to protect her hair from the bushes and to keep her clean and dry on our morning constitutional. I got the suit in the mail yesterday and am still marvelling at the workmanship. It is by far the best made dog coat I have ever seen. Esme was less than impressed during her fitting last night but this morning, after surrendering to the inevitable, she realized that it's not as bad as she originally thought.

As you can see it completely covers her entire body with only her tail and head sticking out, but even her tail can be tucked inside if we so choose. The coat has a heavy duty zipper along the back with a removable panel along the spine (to allow for coat growth) and elastics for the legs, I requested no velcro because it tends to stick to Puli cords. Her entire underside is covered but there is ample room at the back for her to go potty and not soil the suit. It also has reflective tape along the side and is made of an extremely durable material - important when it's main use is to allow her to bushwhack.

It didn't take Esme long to realize that smashing your way through the bushes is far easier if you don't have hair catching on the undergrowth - this meant that she spent a lot more time in the brush than usual. It also cuts down on the amount of junk her coat tends to collect, something which annoyed her a lot. Many was the time she'd stop to try and remove some twig or branch that had caught in her cords, I'd usually have to catch her to remove the offending object and then off she'd race.

I wondered if the coat would slow her down at all. Well, no. She spent a lot of time racing around, chasing the Ridgebacks, leaping through the fields, and generally behaving as though the coat didn't exist. You can get them with fleece lining, in different styles and colors, each coat is custom made for the dog and they are very reasonably priced compared to store bought dog coats. Esme's newest wardrobe addition was worth every penny and if you are interested in getting one made, let me know I can send you the maker's contact information - you will not regret it.

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