Sunday, November 21, 2010

Back in the Habit

No photos yet of the snow we have had for the last three days, winter sure didn't buy us dinner and a movie first. The dogs are ancy because we stayed in all day yesterday, Raimi is nursing a sore leg and rather than have him continually re-injure it I thought we'd give it a day's rest. Well, that didn't really fly with Leeloo or Esme who fussed about most of the day chasing the cats and wrestling with each other and then resigned themselves to a lay-about on the couch.

Goodness knows what that squirrel might be up to without Leeloo's supervision but a lot of the fussing, I suspect, comes down to Pavlov's Dog in her. Make no mistake ... she wants to be doing THIS:

Or something along the lines of stalking The Boy and Esme who were happy to oblige her in the 'Eyeball Game'. The tension is palpable when this game is broadcast, the air practically sparks with anticipation and the stakes are very high.

Suddenly the moment snaps like a dried twig and they are off on some manic chase through the brush. Don't be fooled by Esme's caboose position, she is a cheater and will cut through the bushes instead of following the Big Browns on their path. She just has to listen for them since they aren't exactly Ninja Ridgebacks.

And then the circle back and tackle which Esme has been a victim of more than once. She's pretty quick on her feet though and Leeloo has to be on the ball to catch her.  It's the expenditure of this kind of energy which makes the walks so important in their daily lives, that plus maintaining my sanity and saving my possessions from unwanted attention.

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