Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Learning Tree

The rain has finally stopped although the wind has stayed but at least it's drying up the wet reasonably fast. We actually didn't go for a walk yesterday since it was like standing in a car wash but today we braved the blustery gusts and got the wiggles out.

No photos from today but from a few days ago where Raimi and Leeloo spent a few moments dashing round and round a tree. You can see Raimi just on the other side by the trunk of the tree, eyeballing Leeloo who is frozen in the 'I'm gonna get you' pose. Esme is also in the pose but it's harder to tell with her. This is the stare down phase.

Raimi's drops into a half playbow, I know you can't see it very well, but that is what he's doing. Leeloo is willing him to run and Esme is very reliable back up.

And they're off! Raimi's bottom is just disappearing around the tree beyond Esme, this is actually round two.

And away they go into the silly run with Esme keeping impressively close. I am always amazed how she is able to keep up with the Ridgebacks and now even more easily since brush and branches don't catch on the suit as they would on her coat.  It's worth it every morning to get up and give them such pleasure ... except in torrential downpours ... then no one wants to go!

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