Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ceilidh and Petal Pretzel

Last blog I made allusions to some sort of relationship Petal and the cat have. Well, caught in the act. Now, you can't really see Petal's expression but in person it's really saying "This is not my idea but what's a girl to do?"

I think the cat legitimately likes Petal. Actually I think she likes the Ridgebacks too but they can be a bit much for an 8 pound cat.

Either way, I'm sure during the day Petal is the subject of much cuddling by the cat ... I also think the cat skids down the hallway onto the doormat because every day I leave and it's where it's supposed to be ... but when I come home it's scrunched up against the door. She's a character and I love that cat. I'm so glad she came into my life.

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