Friday, December 28, 2007

The Troop

Quite by accident the troops all lined up - like something out of The Sound of Music- I'll need to get a whistle and give them all their own signal.

So far everyone is doing well. Last night everybody gained at least 2 ounces and one puppy gained 7! I'm still supplementing the ones who didn't gain more than 2 ounces - white boy, orange boy and no ribbon boy as they are small and need a little extra push to complete with puppies who weigh several ounces more than they do. White and orange were the smallest when they were born, both not much more than 12 ounces so I'm not surprised they need a little kick. The girls are the most consistent, they are all gaining steadily and none of them are cause for worry.

They are much quieter now that they are getting full tummies and Halo seems much more reaaxed about them - she was probably stressed by the hungry noises they were making all the time. Now it's all plumpness and sleep so she's feeling a little more confident about them. I won't sleep well til they are too big to lie on ... that will be another week or so.

We went to the park this morning with Raimi and Petal and Halo wanted to come. She doesn't understand that she can't. Poor girl. She is spending less time with the puppies too - she wants all the comforts of the couch instead. The novelty has worn off much sooner than the last litter, last time it took her til day 7 before she was bored. She was making the futon in her room comfy at about 3 am and I told her she could lie there to sleep but she wasn't to move the puppies to the futon ... I am generally staying in the room most of the time because now she wants to be where I am so I move with my laptop into the puppy room and Raimi and Petal chillax in there with me whiel I watch movies and some tv shows.
They ARE awfully cute I must say.

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