Monday, December 31, 2007

Discovery Needs to Make a Show These Sharks

The puppies continue to grow and get rolly polly, so much so they are continually rolling away from the pile and finding themselves alone in a corner ... yelling. I supplemented this morning a little because Halo hadn't fed them for a couple hours and when she went in to feed them(I had to make her) it was a knock 'em down, duke 'em out feeding frenzy. I eased the hysteria by feeding a couple so they were satisfied and everyone else had a meal. Space is at a premium because of their increased size and it's a real squeeze now to get in there to eat.

Today they have started making real dog noises; when they are annoyed they have a little tiny growl, and they sometimes bark, especially if they are caught in a corner. There are a couple who are more vocal than others - both light wheatons are very vocal and their bird-like chirp has finally changed to a puppy sound. They make the most noise when Momma is in to feed them and I now know where the Ridgeback gets it's appetite from ... extreme competition. Of course, when you're sated you're sated and you can sleep comfortably ... one assumes. Yoga anyone?

The puppies who have been bottle fed react completely differently to being picked up. They immediately starting sucking on a finger looking for the bottle. The ones who haven't had any bottle feeding squirm to get loose and aren't interested in being held. It's also easier to plac a bottle fed puppy on Halo as they know hands mean food and will suck on whatever's put in front of them; the other ones have to have it spelled out sometimes because they are so hell bent on finding food they are missing the obvious.

We went to the park with Seth (and his people) who is 9 and Raimi who is 9 months. We had a bit of a debate about how heavy Raimi is. I needed to get more dog food so I took Raimi to the vet to weigh him. Well, I was quite sure he was over 90 pounds but not by how much. He's 107 pounds. I really didn't breed for this size. His mom is 30 pounds lighter than him and his sire is a big California dude but I didn't expect his size out of the litter. Last night they insisted on squishing on the futon ...

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