Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Big ... Fat ... Momma

We've reached a new level in Halo behaviour. We've gone from penitent and worrisome to clingy and naughty.

Last night she peed a huge lake in the kitchen in the middle of the night, Why? Well, when it's minus 20 and you are Halo and you don't WANT to pee when you're let out before bed then you want til it's desperate times, wander around at 3am and leave a puddle of pee for Tamzin to step in at 7:15am. Which I did. I could not figure out what it was at first, I thought something was leaking ... pipes or something that could explain the volume of pee. Nope. It was pee. Unreal.

So I get it all right? I get it. When you look like this ...

... and you used to look like this:

I guess you have an excuse.

Pregnant, puppies moving, pressing on bladder etc can be a likely cause of such naughtiness. However, NOT peeing when you have the chance is just not okay. Ya, it's cold I know ... but pee outside for gawd's sake. That was this morning.

This evening we added thievery to our pregs behaviour. I get their toys ready for the next day and put them in the dog room. Tonight I left them in the kitchen on the dog bins for whatever reason and the next thing I know Halo is rolling around the food toy madly eating as fast as she can. AND she'd just been fed. I took it away and told her she was very bad. I swear the look on her face was "So what? I'm starving." She's totally not, she's gained more excess weight this pregs than the last because she just refuses to run at all on the walks anymore.
Only three more weeks of this ... I am counting the days. Silly bitch.

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