Thursday, December 13, 2007

How the Grinch Met His End

Like any child of the '70's I have a special place in my heart for How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The real one, not the studio made abonimation that children today will reference in a quarter century. Of course, with a studio release also comes the release of propaganda. I only succumbed to a small purchase because they were cute.
Today the cat took it into her own paws to even the score. I guess it was a lot to expect her to completely ignore the tree but since I saw her make her decision to single out The Grinch I wondered if she'd been watching the dvd while I was at work. She is a pretty smart cat ... here she is knawing on a limb.

Carrying him into the dark hallway to enjoy the spoils of her theft.

The crime scene in the hallway.

Fortunately Raimi thought The Grinch was being harshly judged and didn't deserve such an evil end so he took it upon himself to rescue the green guy. Here he is administering medical care, I think that's nose to chest compressions:

However it quickly degraded into a malpractice suit and The Grinch ended up on his head with his feet getting the worst of Raimi's attention. I bet those feet stink. Since The Grinch did have a change of heart in the end, I rescued him and put him back where he belongs on the Christmas tree. Next blog we will visit what happened to Max. Poor sad little Max who just couldn't catch a break. Still.

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