Monday, December 10, 2007

Family Portrait

Ah Christmas - wouldn't be complete without a "family" portrait. There's always got to be someone in the picture who refuses to cooperate and as it turns out it was the cat. I managed to get a good one or two with her in it - there are also a couple with her either exiting or gone entirely. In the end it took bribes and endless patience(which I'm known for - as if) to get a decent picture that didn't look like I was torturing them and had a cat in it.

Petal is on the table and so is the cat if you look carefully.

I love my tree. It is but 3 feet high and sits on the table because it's safest there. This year I have themed it red with some pretty balls and tinsel plus the Ridgeback ornaments I have collected.

I shudder to think what would happen to the tree and it's glory if The Boy had access to it. Given his interest in he general tree trimming proceedings I suspect it would hold some pretty serious puppy fascination. That sort of interest never ends well. There was some theft of stockings, tinsel, wrapping paper and various other objects that almost met their end on the floor on the livingroom. I managed to save most of it.

Isn't Raimi handsome in his bow?

Halo is wearing tinsel AND her halo. It's hard to see but it's there. You can also see the immense nipples and giant tummy of The Momma ... she was patient but in fact a cookie bribe goes far in her world.

Today we were at the park and I was eating Nibs. Given that most people carry dog treats to the park seeing me eating something out of my pocket gave a few people pause. Add to that the occassional sharing I did with Halo and the effect was complete. She seems to really like Nibs.

Alos, it was cold a few days ago, so this was the result ...

... they are so easy to photograph when asleep. Halo hates it when The Boy cuddles but she doesn't have much choice. This is their couch, When I have people over to visit I'm never quite sure where to tell them to sit ...

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Kathryn said...

I looked and looked at the pic of Halo, but my x-ray vision isn't there a little boy puppy in that belly somewhere???