Monday, November 26, 2007

The Fun House

It's been a while since I last blogged but thought I better play catch up today. The temperature has dropped so Halo is more miserable than usual and the winter coat goes on when we head to the park. She looks like such a prima donna in her coat when everyone else is running around nekid. She gazes down her nose at them like the barbarians they are; she doesn't seem to realize she's dressed for a ball and but she's actually at a frat party. Especially The Boy; he does not believe there has been any significant change in weather and parties on, dude, as usual.

The Boy played with a very small and quick 6 month old Ridgeback puppy yesterday. I mean ... it was teeny tiny. Not much more than 40 pounds I'd say - initially I had mistaken it for a 4 month old puppy - but perhaps my eyes decieve because The Boy is BIG so proportionally everything else is eency weensy. However, at a show these two dogs would be competing against each other in the same class (different sex tho) - a judge would be hard pressed to determine which was correct. Anyway, this bitch kicked Raimi's ass all over the park and he loved it. I'll delve into the size debate some other blog.

Petal is tottering along at a Petal sized pace - I do wonder what she and the cat get up to when I'm at work because one evening Petal was having a roll on the floor and the cat started to play with her; chewing her ear, licking her face, grabbing her around the neck ... seems like they have some sort of a "relationship" I was not previously aware of.

Raimi was playing with Ceilidh to a few days back, she was sitting on my bed and Raimi stuck his head onto the bed to poke her. She grabbed him around his head and he went SNIFF into her tummy. His head and the cat are the same size so it was a bit of a gas - and not a little worrying seeing a blinded-by-orange-fluff 90 pound Raimi with a backwards cat for a head. The cat doesn't have claws but she was biting and licking the top of his head ... crazy kids. She leapt off his head and shot down the hall with Raimi in "hot" pursuit. I've seen Ceilidh bolt down the hall with Riami right behind, she puts on the breaks, he skids wildly, she does an about-turn and literally winds back through his legs and shoots back down the hall. Nothing like living dangerously when you're an indoor cat.

Raimi's frustration with this new pregs version of Halo is a bit hysterical. He nibbles her shoulder and generally irritates the piss out of her til she retaliates and he thinks it's play. Poor guy. It must be annoying for Halo because she obviously doesn't feel altogether herself and there's this giant puppy poking you in the side of the head or neck or ... better he takes her ENTIRE head in his mouth and goes "MWAWAWAWAWA" or something akin to a Wookie noise. Halo eventually plays for a millisecond and The Boy is satisfied for about 2 milliseconds.

And so it goes.

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