Friday, November 2, 2007

The Dog Park for Kicks

So I head with the dogs to the park everyday. Almost without fail. Otherwise they make me crazy with the eyes and the wrinkles and the whining. Raimi pulls his best hopeful face and I pulling out my shoes and coat and have a big nose jabbed in my eye before I know it.

So yesterday was our first official park run since Halo's return. All excitement were the dogs. I generally walk and read. I see this as no worse than being on the phone because frankly, people who walk their dogs with a phone jammed in their ear are about as effective as people who drive while on the phone. You're not really paying attention either way. I'm re-reading Harry Potter 1-7 so I take the book with me and the dogs romp happily.

So off they bounce. I look up and see The Time Warp '80's Guy - you know him - bleach blonde hair, round sunglasses, tight jeans, skinny legs, puffy jacket - 'the '80's called, they want their hair back' sort of guy. He's walking his black lab. Halo and Raimi beeline for the lab and I glance up, read a couple lines, glance up again just in time to see this guy aim a KICK at Halo.

Anyone who's ever met Halo knows she's bouncy. Loves people. But bouncy and normally I'm pretty good at forstalling the inevitable bounce. The bounce is usually a straight up in the air kind of thing with no actual contact. This time I'll admit I was lax and didn't look up in time. Sure I should have been paying attention but she's not dangerous or aggressive, she just exuberant. Well, I looked at this guy and he defended his KICK at Halo (which didn't quite connect with her HEAD) with words like "Dangerous, bite, draw blood, etc" to which I replied "Would you mind not KICKING my dog". Now as before - yes I should have been watching and normally it's a pre-emptive strike that when I see a person I immediately say "HALO. OFF." before she even gets to them. However, I was out of practice with her at the park and didn't see what she did.

So I said that he didn't need to kick her and that she didn't touch him, she jumps straight in the air -which she conveniently demonstrated just at that moment. He was seriously acting like she was attacking him. Because I enjoy being a difficult person I deliberately said nothing to stop her harrassing this guy. She was wagging, smiling, trying to rub against his legs, jumping up but not touching him, the whole thing to show him she was friendly - he continued to berate me and I continued my meandering walk with my book and loudly re-iterated that there was no reason to kick her. I flipped him the bird a couple times and left him to his rant. I am not saying I'm totally in the right - but I'm pretty darn sure that kicking a friendly dog who he's seen before at least twice is uncalled for.

The next time I see him I'm going to loudly recall Halo and tell her to watch out that he doesn't kick her.

I do know that people who own dogs occassionally can be afraid of other people's dogs. Really, if you're afraid of them - don't go to the dog park where's there's lots of dogs.

In the end Halo was upset by him yelling at me and I just told her not to worry - he's got a Rad casting call he's got to get to.

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