Thursday, November 8, 2007

At Least She's not Craving Pickles & Peanut Butter

So far since coming home Halo has been a grump, a cow, a bitch, a suck, a worry wart, and generally not herself. Goods signs if you like that sort of thing. The last time she was like this she was in whelp but since I'm not sure she is I'm pretty annoyed with the whole drama queen thing. It's getting old like day old bread. It doesn't really affect me much, except there's more somber looks and simpering gazes. More occassionally she acts as tho I screamed it at her instead of asking her nicely to go lie down. Everything is a tragedy.

Last Sunday she ate a sandwich I left in the van while getting a coffee at the gas station. I didn't give her shit for it right away cuz I was in a hurry and it's was snowing, I wanted to concentrate more on not getting killed so I forgot about it. Well, 9 hours later after the dog show I get back in the van and show her the empty wrapper. One day I'll get a photo of what her face looks like when she's suffering that kind of guilt. It's priceless. Her ears pin against her head, her lips draw back into a frown, her neck recedes into her shoulders, she sits and fidgets and the best part? Her eyes close. We're talking extreme guilt. I bet she thought she was off the hook. How do I know it wasn't Raimi? Because Halo is crafty and food driven and KNOWS when I walk out of sight of the van she has at least 2 minutes to rifle thru and see what I've forgotten. She's gotten me on this a couple times so far. More than a couple. So I'm showing her this wrapper and she's in a lot of discomfort. I let her off the hook since it was my mistake and told her I hoped it was tasty but that it was really fattening so it was probably good I didn't eat it.

As an aside, ever try to type with a cat draped over your hands? Wrist mobility is drastically reduced. Thankfully it's a laptop keyboard so it's smaller and my fingers don't have to walk as far. The cat is getting an occassional lick in every second word for some reason. Perhaps she enjoys the tummy massage my wrists are giving her.

Anyway, Momma is acting like a wet bag of lettuce and The Boy doesn't get it. The other day he attempted to get her to play by nibbling on her neck and succeeded in annoying her into retaliating which he interpreted as play. Normally a good neck bite will illicit a play time but she wasn't buying.

Needless to say Raimi is frustrated. Today that was abated by the unexpected appearance of Kenya at the park. Halo gave her the what-for which seemed to make her feel better about herself. Nothing like a little bullying as a pick-me-up. So Momma Bear went around telling the kids what hooligans they were and they played for ages til it was too dark to even see them. Currently they are comatose on the couch with Raimi snuggled right up to Petal with ultra-adorable cuteness ...

Awwwwwwwww. Since this picture Petal has moved to under the table because Riami's head is too hot. His little brain cells must be snapping away. Perhaps it's about to explode and Petal has vacated the area to beyond the blast perimeter. Anything's possible - especially if Raimi happens to be actually thinking(which I personally believe is unlikely given his history). More likely he's just remembering the park since a foot is twitching.

Halo has situated herself on the couch behind me and is currently dreaming up more ways to apologize for existing. It's very tiresome. More another day about her stinky feet.

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