Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bad Case of the Wiggles

Raimi's first show was on the weekend. It was certainly a fun time for all involved. He got a bad case of the wiggles when he realized the judge intended to TOUCH him and TALK to him and LOOK at him. He was a complete disaster. He did actually finally stand still so she could look at him. It was a really positive experience; except the bouncing, galloping, pacing, jumping, biting, silliness that ensued when we were gaiting. Puppy group was much much better and he stacked quite well and gaited very well indeed.

Day 2 was much much better and he looked really nice in the class - I think - well, people told me he looked WAY better than the day before where you could tell he was a nice dog who was behaving like a disaster and the second day he was a nice dog who looked like a nice dog. Phew. This from a hound judge who was exhibiting.

Raimi was TIRED but we all know what a tired puppy is ... a good puppy. In all it was pretty much the experience we wanted in that he enjoyed himself. I'd rather have a disaster of a puppy now than a robot show dog in 2 years. If he has fun now he'll temper it in a couple years but special well. I hope.

His next show is in 4 weeks and he's also in puppy sweeps - we'll see how that goes!

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