Sunday, May 29, 2011


I am a director for the Ridgeback Club of Eastern Canada so I hosted a Ridgeback Fun Day up here in Trenton. Unfortunately circumstances beyond people's control meant that several people were not able to make the event. Ah well, it turned into more of a walk and squirrel hunt. Here's Raimi, Leeloo and Mayla looking for one of those perpetually naughty squirrels.

The squirrel hunt became sort of an obsession for Raimi and Leeloo. Mayla didn't seem know precisely what they were looking for but since her attention span is quite short, standing staring up at trees wasn't exactly her gig. She was much happier when Archer arrived to provide her with more suitable entertainment.

Here's Mayla looking up into the tree - not exactly what the Ridgeback was bred for.

Neither is this. Especially when they are 6 weeks pregnant. I am impressed with Leeloo's clearance though considering her bulk.

Raimi was a little more determined about climbing the tree. My apologies to Donna's garden. I think it will recover. That squirrel was some annoying though - chatter, scold, chatter, scold, it was endless.

And back to Archer and Mayla playing. They had a great time but Mayla arrived an hour before Archer and was tired out pretty soon - Archer was the energizer bunny this time!

And a final look at what the big damn deal was with this squirrel. See that green bird feeder just behind the branches of the pruned bush? Well, the squirrel wanted to come down and leap from the tree to the feeder to get a snack. The dogs kept him up in the tree for a while but this little guy is pretty brave. His intention was clear, come down enough to stay out of dog range but low enough to be able to make the jump to the feeder. I can't think things would have gone well if he'd gotten to the feeder because it's not nearly as sturdy or safe as the tree. The squirrel is on the left side of the tree and Boy is looking right at it. Honestly, what a stupid squirrel.

Anyway, despite the low attendance everyone had a great time and slept the rest of the afternoon away. It meant lots of time to get things done at home without tripping over dogs! We are hoping to have another event in the Fall which will include some fun lure coursing for the dogs, hope to see more people at that one!

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