Saturday, May 7, 2011

Burn Notice

Now that the weather is positively balmy it can mean only one thing. Black flies. Today was the first day I had to swat away those nasty little black devils and try to enjoy the walk with the dogs. We were in a wooded area but thankfully the wind was doing its very best to bluster so only parts of the walk were tormented with Dark Passengers. There's Leeloo bringing up the rear as usual ... although since this is a Leeloo caboose I suppose I am actually taking rear guard.

We stopped for a photo op when every one was cooperative for a moment or two. I love that each dog is so distinctly themselves in this photo. Boy hanging back, being cool and posing handsomely. Leeloo with her silly ear and legs all askew. Esme up front, centre and windblown.

We carried on to an area we don't often go that had recently been burned to clear the old dead matted grass. I am not sure why since this is not exactly parkland but the green is bursting forth and I'm okay with that.

The dogs are okay with it too as evidenced by a burst of joy from Boy and Leeloo. The worst of it is the soot that ends up on their feet but fortunately the rest of the walk wipes most of it off.

And now she's the actual caboose. Smelling the coltsfoot along the path (which, by the way, actually does look like a colt's foot when the petals are closed and the head is drooping down) and taking her damn time  about catching up. There is no hurrying Leeloo or jollying her along, she comes at her own speed. The point, she says, is that she comes at all and I should consider myself very lucky. It goes without saying really.

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