Monday, May 30, 2011

The Rolling Stones

Leeloo is now just over 6 weeks pregnant. She is finding it hard to sleep in a Ridgeball and more often prefers to stretch out on her side with those crazy legs sticking out. We still go for a walk everyday but she has definitely slowed down (except when there are squirrels to harrass) and the heat today made it an even slower pace for her. She combatted the humidity of the day by cooling down the only way a decent Ridgeback can, she rolled in the cool grass. This is Downward Rolling Dog.

Then she gets all skoochy and scratchy in the grass and wiggles with joy from side to side. Thankfully Leeloo is not modest, most gals would have a problem exposing their boobies to the heavens in such a way. Not my little DoodleBug ... as evidenced by the happy smile on her face.


Life is rough when you're being coddled, fed, hugged, walked and allowed to steal the occasional key lime pie. She is clearly no worse for wear.  Look at those gorgeous white feet waving in total bliss.

And this is Leeloo all decked out at 6 weeks pregnant. She is a little fatter than last week but now the puppy growth rate increases almost exponentially. They take their sweet time until about 5 1/2 weeks and then suddenly they gain weight in spades and Leeloo, if she thought she was uncomfortable now, has no idea what is to come! At this point they are actual dogs with paws, hair and even little whisker buds. Soon they will start to move and I will not only be able to feel that movement but if they are especially active I'll be able to see it.  T-minis 20 days to her due date - hope we are ready!

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