Sunday, May 1, 2011


Although it's not very warm here yet I decided to head to the beach for a little change of scenery. The dogs have a good time at the beach but not as good as I know they have in the woods or the fields. Could be something to do with the water, or the lack of critters to chase, or just that there isn't as much to look at and sniff. They still have a great time as evidenced by their raucous play but with Leeloo possibly feeling a little less like the Bubbalicious and more like a Chubbalicious and Raimi with an owie healing on his foot, things were moving a bit like molasses for most of the walk.

Esme was her usual boisterous self zipping from Leeloo to Raimi and back again. Oblivious to the water and determined to keep the pack in a tight little group, she was on the go the entire time. Surprisingly the coat keeps her leg hair relatively dry although there is nothing to stop the water from creeping up her legs. It's most bizarre but I'm not complaining. She does get sandy though!

Boy, having the sharp eye of his ancestors, spotted this seaweed billowing in the waves and approached it with caution and curiosity. As it turns out seaweed floating on the waves poses no danger to the immediate area and we were allowed to continue the walk in relative safety thanks to Boy's inspection services.  

Leeloo has a habit of following me quite closely when I want to take a photo of her. She seems to know when I am about to snap because I have rather a lot of photos like this one. Fortunately I adore that nose, those whiskers, that long pale leg and the darling white toes attached to the end of it.

It was a good walk at the beach but although I would like to go more often, I know the dogs prefer the woods so when we hit the beach it will mostly be for me. Except running on the sand dunes ... I know they really enjoy that!

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