Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Perfect Day

I broke my washing machine a couple weeks ago by putting a dog bed in it. How else are you supposed to wash them? The point is my Dad and I (read: my Dad) is supposed to fix it but since my parents are away in New Jersey the repair had to be delayed. I have a lot of clothes and linens but obviously at some point I needed to do laundry and rather than go to a laundry mat I headed out to my parents house to collect their accumulated mail and throw in a few loads.

It was a gorgeous day and by gorgeous I mean it was literally a perfect day. Not crazy hot, light wind, fluffy clouds blocking the sun every once in a while to cool you down, quiet, peaceful, and relaxing. While the washing machine worked its magic the dogs and I headed for a leisurely stroll around the property and to my surprise we spotted a cow grazing nearby ... no wait, that's Leeloo.

It proved to be a shorter trip than usual because although the heat was nothing to Boy and I, Leeloo was moving a bit slow since she is carrying some extra responsibility. There are lots of little interesting places to explore so it wasn't too much of a burden to wait while Leeloo decided what little copse of trees or bushes she needed to investigate.

We did stop to say hello to the frogs in the pond - some of which are a lot larger than I am accustomed to seeing in Alberta - this was one almost the size of my hand. The dogs pay them no mind, they are almost invisible and move so fast they are gone before the dogs even knew there was something to look for. Added to which they are in *water* which nullifies Ridgeback interest in them immediately.

As ever Boy is very civilised - rather than lower himself to climb through the ditch the next to the driveway he chose to cross on the cute little bridge. And by little I mean why is it even there?

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