Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Time Share

I'm a bit late with my show update because the creek was a little more pressing and/or exciting. It's still raining and plans to for the next 24 hours or so but since we are in no danger from flooding here I can back-track to results of the show this past weekend.

Luke's mom and dad arrived on Friday and of course Luke was pretty thrilled that they were here and he could stop using me as a surrogate mom. Boy was pretty happy about it too until Luke decided he needed to show off for his Mommy and began hassling Boy again. We let them sort it out until we got tired of Luke acting like a tool and I pulled out the spray bottle. I just had to show it to Luke and he quit whatever he was doing and settled down. I think he may have seen it before!

Saturday at the show dawned as a beautiful day, I left to take care of the prizes and Stephanie and Kyle followed later with Luke. Both 'kids' showed well except in the afternoon I could tell Cora was simply exhausted. Luke actually showed better in the afternoon, maybe he thought if he moved faster he'd get to relax sooner. Either way Luke took the point at both shows so he was on 6 points and Cora told me later she let him win.

On Sunday it was a bit of a blustery day, quite humid though and running around the ring made you sweat. I over-dressed of course and was dying of heat the whole day but not for nothing since Cora took the point in the morning. As a reward for getting a point I popped into town and bought her a new leather couch. It arrives in 3 weeks.

Anyway, in the last show of the weekend the Specials Bitch was absent which was fine since it didn't affect our points and I was hoping, just a little, that Cora wouldn't win because she'd then have to go into group. She did win and our first group experience was great, almost perfect really (a surprise since she was so tired) until the last dog was moving and the judge was making his final placings. A big gust of wind came up and threw a lawn chair into the ring and blew it directly at Cora. She didn't panic but she did back away rather fast. It stopped next to her and I made her go up to look at it until someone outside the ring came to get it. She didn't want to settle after that - and let's face it, she was unlikely to place anyway - but for the rest of the time in the ring she looked suspiciously back at the Whippet like it threw the chair at her. I'm sure she won't associate having chairs fly at her in the ring in the future, this is really the only outdoor show of the year here, but I'll be sure to reinforce a positive experience at our next show.

In all the kids managed to share quite nicely and split the points 2 and 2 for the weekend. A nice fair run, a great experience for the dogs, and it was lovely to finally meet Stephanie and Kyle.  I look forward to cracking open the bottle of Screech they brought me - the dogs have already put paid to the bones - and we'll have to do this again sometime. Perhaps I'll be making the trip to Newfoundland ...

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