Monday, September 3, 2012

Hope Springs

Right after I said I wasn't taking photos of the dogs on walks, I got up and took them out and made sure to bring the camera. I was a glorious morning, the kind that makes you think that the day ahead holds boundless opportunities. So down to the creek we went and as usual the forest never fails to deliver peace of mind and nourishment for the soul. Not that Raimi needs much peace of mind, no matter how 'thinky' he looks, he's not really.

Cora delights, in that simple puppy way, in watching the little skimmer bugs skate across the surface of the water. She also likes to watch in curiosity as bubbles pop on the surface of the water. You can clearly see the wonder in her expression and it never fails to amuse me when she does it. Although I have tried, it's hard to photograph the bugs and her at the same time since the bugs are the same color as the bottom of the creek.

Leeloo cannot help but be on alert all the time. It's her job to make sure there are no rogue squirrels attempting to infiltrate her domain. She blends very well and if you can't hear her bell, chances are very good that she is standing just like this, waiting for a squirrel to make its move. Boy does it too and I often call him over and over before I realize he has been standing about 20 feet from me, in the bushes, staring up at the trees and lying in wait for a squirrel to drop into his mouth. Leeloo does the same thing only she is usually much much farther away!

 After our walk I completed a couple of household chores and Cora and I were off to Halifax again for a Sunday drive and some more experience in the ring. This time, however, she didn't just experience the ring, she won! Over several class males Cora took Best of Winners for her first two points and the judge was very patient and kind with her which I thought was incredibly nice since he was rather brusque and quick with the boys. I anticipated that he would rush Cora so I tried to have her ready but I needn't have worried, he waited for me to stack her, examined her calmly, allowed us to do the down and back twice and then offered some advice on Cora's nervous pacing. I will certainly try that his suggestion tomorrow. In any case she has started her point count but she doesn't care, in Cora's mind all she would rather be doing is this ...

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